Employee of the Month


Robert Elkins  
Fire Alarm Technician, Zone 5
Facilities Management


It is my pleasure to recommend Robert Elkins as employee of the month.

Robert is an outstanding worker that is holding the Position as a Fire Alarm Tech for Zone 5.

Robert has stepped into a situation that has little to do with Fire Alarms and has taken the role as a true multi-trades Tech. No matter what task is given to Robert, (from door repairs, electrical work, cleaning roofs, caulking walls) he accomplishes it with little supervision and a positive attitude. He is a careful thinker which seems to make it easy for him to accomplish whatever task is given him. Robert has received recognition for excellent customer service from the RAC staff for the way he handled an important issue.

Robert is hardworking, conscientious, and enthusiastic, with deep knowledge of fire alarms, electrical repairs and general maintenance.

 Robert is a true asset to Zone 5, Facility Maintenance, and George Mason University

Robert is constantly communicating issues with us, not sure how the batteries last on the phones that long and watch out for that right hand when he gets excited.


Jack Lowes

Zone 5 Supervisor
Facilities Management Operations