Employee of the Month


Greg Rahimzadeh 
Building Construction Inspector
Facilities Project Management and Construction


I would like to nominate Greg Rahimzadeh for employee of the month. As Project Inspector, Greg provides expert construction oversight on all his assigned projects as well as consultation on many others.  He does an amazing job!  Currently, Greg has the heaviest workload of any Project Inspector in Facilities, yet he excels at managing multiple complex projects.  

Greg is always willing to help, whatever the issue or problem, answer questions and take on additional tasks/projects – on more than one occasion, he has volunteered to work nights and weekends – whatever it takes. He is well liked and respected by everyone for both his work ethic and knowledge/talents.  Greg is able to interact effectively with staff, clients and contractors.

Greg is a highly regarded member of the Facilities team.  He is knowledgeable in all aspects of construction and committed to making sure each project he works on is successful.  Naming Greg employee of the month is one way in which we can recognize the valuable contributions he makes every day. 

Nancy S. Pickens, R.A.
Director of Construction, Facilities Construction

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I would like to recommend Greg Rahimzadeh for employee of the month for George Mason facilities. I have known Greg for over 2 years working with him on various projects throughout campus.

During this time I have been consistently impressed by Greg’s work ethic, structural knowledge, diligence and productivity.

Greg has a ton of knowledge regarding structures and soils and has always taken the time to explain to me the critical information that I need to know to set our projects up for success. For example, in the Robinson and Utility Infrastructure project he reviewed the specifications and used his knowledge of soils to help modify the specs, appropriately draft an RFP for a 3rd party testing agency and help write the conditions of the GMP Soil allowance. Additionally, in all other areas of inspection, he reads the drawings and specifications diligently to make sure he is inspecting to the standards that the University purchased. If he is unfamiliar with certain inspections, such as in-depth electrical inspections, he works closely with the other university inspectors to ensure the same level of overview is provided for that particular trade.

He goes above and beyond in his efforts to support the contractors and set them up for success. He establishes relationships with the contractors and works to make himself available all day, weekends and nights as required in order for them to be successful. Additionally, he always remains level headed with the contractors and sticks to fact-based discussions even when they might be getting heated.

He is also a great communicator and makes sure each project manager on his various projects is aware of potential road blocks the contractor might incur. For example, he is aware of project schedule deadlines and expresses concern if the contractor starts to slip or if the punchlist/ closeout efforts are starting to dwindle.

Greg has been an incredible inspector this month and every month. It has been a pleasure to be able to work with him.

Annmarie Irwin
Project Engineer, Facilities Project Management and Construction