February 23, 2017

Employee of the Month

HVAC Lead Technician, Zone 6
Facilities Management Operations



To the Employee of the Month review committee,


It is with my greatest pleasure that I take this opportunity to recommend Richard Coulson for Employee of the Month. It has been an outstanding experience to have his input and assistance in helping me and the Facility Management Department in the creation and shaping of policy and procedures for the Zone 6 HVAC Team to meet the needs of George Mason University, Facility Management, our fellow GMU coworkers, and most of all our GMU students body. His skill, enthusiasm and extensive knowledge in the HVAC field never ceases to amaze me.

Mr. Coulson is an expert problem solver. He possess a remarkable ability to assess a situation, evaluate alternatives, and make sound recommendations to resolve the issue. Over and beyond this unique ability, he has both the credibility and confidence within a wide variety of trades, to recommend ideas that might assist in a resolution to a given problem facing the George Mason Facility Management Family.

Richard Coulson is a tireless and selfless advocate on behalf of all issues facing our HVAC Team, our Facility Management Family, our fellow GMU coworkers and our entire GMU student body. Richard is truly a “Go To” person for all issues related to HVAC. He is a catalyst for making the Zone 6 HVAC and Facility Management members the team they are today. I would like to thank Richard Coulson for his boundless energy, enthusiasm, and dedication to George Mason University and nominate him for the distinguished “Employee of the Month Award”.



Venton Chaney
HVAC Supervisor, Zone 6,
Facilities Management Operations