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Good morning,

            I am not sure of the process for nominating a fellow Masonite to be “Employee of the Month”, but would like very much to have Facilities consider this honor in the near future going to Laura Manno.  My reasons are as follows.

          Dedication – Laura works tirelessly in performing her duties and promotes a positive image to numerous departments on all three of our campuses.  She stays engaged with her projects long past most would, to insure not only that the customers’ needs are met, but Mason’s best interests are always in mind. 

          Teamwork – Laura constantly consults with many fellow employees and officials to make sure no stone is left unturned and the project moves forward in an ethical, code compliant, and functional manner.  She engages with Architects, Engineers, Mason EH&S, Mason BCS, Project Managers, and contractors on a daily basis promoting a successful concept to project action. Laura is always willing to help find solutions to problems and will go far out of her way to assist others in resolving their issues.

           Coordination – The best way to express Laura’s coordination skills is with example.  Recently Laura has successfully coordinated Lab equipment, using existing equipment, for 5 separate projects from a single source.  The IABRL 3rd floor fit out, Bull Run Hall Chemical Labs, Engineering PW (Innovation Park Lease space), Engineering 3905 & 3506 Fume Hood, and Krasnow Binder are all separate projects that Laura was tasked with reassigning existing Lab equipment for.  Through her diligence and determination Laura has created an equipment Matrix, identifying the type of equipment, current location, and where each piece of equipment is to go.  Laura further engaged with Nycom and 3 Mason Project Managers to insure everyone was involved and had all the information. This is representative of the manner in which Laura continuously performs.  She gathers all of the information possible from multiple sources, then shares that knowledge with everyone that needs to know insuring a positive project result.

           Personal Comment –    I have worked closely with Laura on numerous projects over the past 2-3 years and have always found her extremely knowledgeable, and very easy to work with. She also has the unique ability to translate a very complicated project to something more easily understood.  Laura leads on projects she is involved with by example, and I feel confident in saying that anyone assigned to a project with her has a great opportunity of success. 


Thank you for your considerations

 Alan Jones
Project Inspector, Facilities Project Management and Construction
Facilities Administration


Thank you, Alan. I agree with all of your points.

 Laura is very bright and has a strong command of the issues from the details to the big picture. She is also very diligent and always has Mason’s interest at heart. I agree we should strongly consider her for this recognition.

 Thank you for recognizing her efforts and achievements.


J. Douglas Lipscomb
Assistant Vice President
Planning & Design