February 23, 2017

Employee of the Month

Senior Grounds Supervisor
Grounds, Facilities Management



To the Employee of the month committee,

I would like to nominate Archie Nesbitt for employee of the month.  Archie is a senior supervisor in the Grounds department within the Facilities Management organization.

Archie is a multi-tasker employee. He not only works on his assignments within the Grounds shop, but also helps evaluate the field conditions, seeks and maintains the stormwater system on Campus in support of our Mason Land Development (Mason LD) group.  Mason LD administers the Municipal separate stormwater system (MS4) for Campus and is responsible for reporting to the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) for system conditions.  Archie has been a great help in assisting us with this effort.

He is always looking for erosion and sediment problems and sources on campus. When he uncovers and issue he fixes it as quick as he can so it doesn’t become a much larger problem.   He reports his findings along with his repairs that he and his staff perform for proper documentation.  In the past few months he found more than 5 buried storm inlet structures.  These inlets are extremely important to our reports and must be added into the stormwater geographic Information system (GIS) for the campus.

Archie is a very valuable resource when it comes to plants.  He provided us with important information and background on plant composition for the stormwater management (SWM) areas, such are the bio-swale and ponds on campus.

He is always willing to help, whatever the issue or problem, is polite to everyone and available to help at the moment of need. He is an invaluable member of the Facilities team and highly contributes to the success of our MS4 program.


Brenda Claudio

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To the Employee of the Month Committee,

I would like to nominate Archie for Facilities’ employee of the month.

Archie has demonstrated a rich knowledge and understanding of the stormwater system on Campus. He went above and beyond to help us discover quite a few stormwater inlets that were buried over the time. This really helped us to solve the discrepancies that we observed on the field vs. what were recorded in the GIS system. He has been very diligent documenting his findings with hand written notes and photos and sharing his findings with us. In addition, he took the initiates to resurface the buried stormwater inlets and reinstall ripraps around them to prevent erosion and also for easy identification. He is always able to overcome any obstacle and difficulty to complete a task, without being asked! He is reliable and responsible and is an invaluable member of the team!


Zhongyan Xu, PE, PhD, CFM

Manager, Land Development, Facilities