Employee of the Month

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Facilities Employee of the Month
May 2021


Design Project Manager,
Facilities Project Management and Construction
Facilities Administration


To the employee of the month committee,

Dear Ed,

I would like to nominate Nick Valadez for Facilities Employee of the Month.  

As Senior Project Manager, Nick is assigned to some of the most technically challenging projects.  He does an amazing job managing projects while researching and identifying equipment requirements and integrating the information into project requirements.  His primary client, the Volgenau School of Engineering, appreciates his communication skills, thoroughness and willingness to take on additional tasks to make their jobs easier.  He is the “go-to” Project Manager for specialty equipment with unique or complex requirements.

Nick is always willing to help, whatever the issue or problem, answer questions and take on additional tasks/projects. He is well liked and respected by everyone for both his work ethic and knowledge/talents.  His calm demeanor helps him interact effectively with staff, clients and contractors.

Nick is a highly regarded member of the Facilities team.  He is knowledgeable in all aspects of design and construction and committed to making sure each project is successful.  Naming Nick employee of the month is one way in which we can recognize the valuable contributions he makes every day. 


Nancy S. Pickens, R.A.
Director of Program Management

Dear Frank, Alex and Nancy:

I am writing to you because I would like to nominate Nick Valadez for Employee of the Month. Since joining Mason, Nick has become a valuable and trusted member of our team.  His ability to coordinate and execute solutions for some of the most challenging projects has been critical to the success of numerous researchers, academic units and to Mason as a University. His design knowledge and technical expertise are unmatched and he is known for the thoroughness and quality of his work.  He always exhibits the upmost professionalism and he has gained the trust and admiration of his peers and those he/we serve.

Most recently Nick stepped in to help get the new COVID testing lab in the Institute for Biomedical Innovation up and running.  This is among one of the highest priorities for the University as Mason works to try and keep our faculty, staff and students safe.  Facilities was given less than 10-days-notice to identify needs, coordinate an action plan and to execute a solution before the winter break.  Nick has done an excellent job managing these responsibilities and he is currently on track to meet this deadline – all while continuing to manage the many other projects assigned to him. 

I think Nick is well-deserving of this honor year-around but especially given what he has successfully accomplished in the last couple of months and now in the last 10 days, it is the perfect time to celebrate him.  I hope you will consider him for this honor.


Laura Manno
Director, Strategic Academic & Research Facilities Planning,
Campus Planning, Facilities Administration