Employee of the Month

Facilities Employee of the Month
October  2021


Billing Specialist
Facilities Management 


To the Employee of the Month review committee,

My name is Angel Washington and I am the new Operations and Customer Service Center Manager for Facilities and I would like to nominate Kelly Hayward as Facilities Employee of the Month for October.

As I began to transition into my new role I was faced with the immediate problem of being short staffed.  Our work group consisted of the Manager position and two Customer Service Specialist (CSS).  One of the CSS’s had just resigned leaving our team with just myself and one CSS.  While we were functional as a team, it was hard to handle the calls coming in as well as learn processes and procedures.  That is when Kelly Hayward, the previous Customer Support Center Manager stepped in to assist. 

Kelly had not been in the position for a while and is actually now a remote employee.  That did not stop her from reaching out and helping in the midst of our short-term staffing crisis.  Kelly assisted in my training as well as helped out with some of the call volume we were experiencing.  This was all done while also handling her own job duties and responsibilities. 

Thanks to Kelly I feel I now have a better understanding of my new role and we currently have 2 open requisitions for 2 additional CSS’s to help augment our team.  I don’t know how I would have made it had it not been for Kelly stepping in and assisting me.  It is for her actions and assistance that I am nominating her for Facilities Employee of the Month.


Angel Washington
Facilities Management Operations and CSC Manager

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