Employee of the Month


HVAC Technician, Zone 4
Facilities Management 
March 2019

During the course of the Zoning Operation Jesse has shown his skill in HVAC and has been an exceptional employee.

He bring a great joy to the shop and is willing to help in anyway. He is also conceding taking college course to extend his education.

Jesse is also well rounded in different technical trades.

We would like to nominate him for employee of the month for many reason. But the most important reason is he is a great team player,
keeps his work orders in order, maintains a great working relationship with other HVAC tech in the facilities management, and would help you in the drop of a dime.


One of the most extraordinary thing he has accomplished is satisfying the MASON Global employees with their temperature issues.

He has work with them constantly to get the building at the temperature where everyone is satisfied.

At this time we have received a great congratulation from the employees in the building for this task that was  completed by him.

Jesse is the type of employee we all can work towards being and what MASON needs more of. 




Rick Davis
Zone Supervisor, Zone 4
Facilities Management Operations