February 23, 2017

Employee of the Month

Contract Specialist
Facilities Administration



To the Employee of the month committee,

I would like to nominate Nebila Kurtu for employee of the month. As a Contracts Specialist, Nebila’s area of responsibility is A/E RFP, contracts and fee proposals.  She does an amazing job juggling individual A/E contracts and the 22 term consultants. 

Nebila is always willing to help, whatever the issue or problem, answer questions and take on additional tasks/projects. She is liked and respected by everyone for her knowledge and quiet effectiveness.  Nebila is able to interact effectively and professionally with consultants and staff. She is dedicated to making sure all contractual issues are resolved in a timely manner.

Nebila is an important member of the Facilities team and contributes to each project’s success.  Naming Nebila employee of the month is one way in which we can recognize the valuable contributions she makes every day. 


Nancy S. Pickens, R.A.
Director of Construction, Facilities Construction

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I would like to nominate Nebila Kurtu, Contract Specialist, for Employee of the Month.

I believe I can speak on behalf of the selection committee for the Fire Protection Engineering contract by noting Nebila’s work on this assignment deserves praise. Her preparation, timeliness and follow-through were exceptional.  Her efforts keep the committee on task and saved us precious time for other responsibilities.  Undoubtedly the solicitation and other front-end work she performed was similarly accomplished with precision and expertise.  She should be are commended for this assistance and for representing Facilities with a great deal of professionalism.

 Thank you for your consideration.


 William G. Miller
Assistant Director Building Code Enforcement Director of Program Management