February 23, 2017

Employee of the Month


Project Engineer
Facilities Planning, Design, and Construction


To: Edmund T Daniels

I wish to nominate Angeline for Facilities employee of the month.

The classroom refresh project is a challenging project. Angeline handled it last year and it was a little rough but this year she proactively addressed the issues that arose last year so they would not become problems this year and she did an outstanding job. She communicated and coordinated her work very effectively. When she finished the project ahead of schedule this year she then came to me to volunteer for more projects. I think we should reward that improvement and good work.

Thank you

J. Douglas Lipscomb
Assistant Vice President
Planning & Design Facilities
Facilities Administration Building 107


To: Edmund T Daniels

I wanted to send you a Big Thank You for all of the work you put into the classrooms this year.  There were many changes and revisions that added a great deal of extra work.  You revised the prints several times to adjust to these changes with some being last minute additions. Most importantly, your help with the collaboration between the various groups to finalize these details made the process keep moving forward.

Thank you again, all your work is greatly appreciated.

Christine Powell
Construction Superintendent, Zone 6
Facilities Management