February 23, 2017

Employee of the Month

Facilities Management 



To the Employee of the Month Committee,


I would like to nominate Hassan Ouksaka for Employee of the Month. He has provided exceptional customer service making himself available to make urgent spot purchases when the need arises. He has supported the Facilities Improvement Program with the Energy Management group by processing high volume procurement of LED Lamps, Bulbs, and Wall Packs.   He is also helpful to each of the zones by strategic sourcing methods to ensure the department is getting the best value in spend to support the operational goals in Facilities.

I am happy to nominate Hassan as an Employee of the Month.

Any questions please advise,

Steven A. Pulis , CUPO, VCCO, FMP
Facilities Services Manager
Facilities Management Department

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I wanted to nominate Hassan Ouksaka for employee of the month.  Hassan has been a part of the GMU Facilities Team since 2013.  He has never been nominated for employee of the month and I think it is long over-due. 

Hassan always goes above and beyond when needed.  If it is tackling the more difficult procurement tasks, going to pick up material, coming in for snow removal, assisting the Warehouse, assisting Accounts Payable Hassan is always ready to complete the task with no questions asked.  Whenever I go to Hassan with a question, he never hesitates to help.  Hassan’s hard work and dedication plays a major role in our Facilities operation.  We are lucky to have Hassan as part of our team.  Thank you for your consideration.


Thank you,

James Small  
Buyer, Facilities Management 
George Mason University