2023 Employee of the Month Facilities Management News

January 2023 Facilities Employee of the Month – Geoffrey Lopez

Celebrating Geoffrey Lopez as the January 2023 Employee of the Month

Geoffrey Lopez, HVAC Technician, was selected as January’s GMU Facilities Employee of the Month. In addition to his preventative maintenance program responsibilities, Lopez correctly identified and responded to unanticipated computer room air conditioning (CRAC) related issues with notable urgency.

The CRAC units, located within the Aquia Building and Engineering’s Data Center, monitor and maintain temperature, air distribution and humidity. Quick to accommodate clients’ needs, restore CRAC unit functioning, and ensure the safety of the data center’s equipment, Lopez is well-deserving of this honor.

“Geoffrey has consistently demonstrated a positive attitude and approaches every work order with the same urgency. He has a great relationship with his colleagues and helps them out without hesitation or complaints,” said Gordon Lansdowne, Supervisor for Facilities Management.

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