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Mason Welcomes New Fleet of Vehicles

Mason Facilities has a new fleet of flexible-fuel vehicles (FFVs) on the Fairfax Campus. Nine new vehicles were added this winter to the Facilities inventory! Both efficient and practical, these new vehicles are required for large, heavy-duty work including hauling, snow plowing, fuel and material deliveries, and much more.

The upgrade aligns well with Mason's sustainability goals, reducing fuel consumption and the university's carbon footprint. As a result of the university's decision to purchase FFVs for the fleet, Mason is able to claim alternative fuel credits with the state, increasing the university's fuel economy by an average of 71%. This saves Mason in fuel costs, significantly. The upgraded vehicles, outfitted with ladder rocks, tool holders, and additional accessories, will allow the Facilities team to perform their job functions better and safer, while promoting a "cleaner and greener" image for Mason. 

Keep an eye out for the new vehicles around campus!