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June 2023 Facilities Employee of the Month – Abu Monjer


Celebrating Abu Monjer as the June 2023 Employee of the Month

Congratulations to Abu Monjer, Mgr. Projects, Construction, Infrastructure, for being recognized as the June 2023 Facilities Employee of the Month! Monjer was nominated by Construction Superintendent, Christine Power. According to Power, since Abu joined the Mason team, he has fully utilized his Master HVAC skills, creativity, and ingenuity to find innovative solutions to a variety of University maintenance issues. 

The most recent contributions include projects at Whitetop & Rogers and The Mathy House:

  • At the Whitetop and Rogers housing buildings Monjer designed a system that when the domestic water heaters overheated, which could cause a scalding potential, these systems would be de-energized. Additionally, when this happens, he also set up the system to trigger an alarm that would be sent to the Central Heating & Cooling Plant and the Building Automation departments. 
  • At the Mathy House where the University President resides, he is contributing his knowledge, skills, and abilities to address the need to replace the HVAC Air Handlers and boiler.  This is no easy task due to a variety of elements; some of which include utilizing commercial equipment in a residential setting. 

"I can’t speak highly enough of Abu’s collaboration skills when he works with all members of the Facilities Management, admin teams, and the many university clients that we serve.  Abu recently took it upon himself to assist Rod Billones with a variety of large complex projects. He is also assisting DJ Spaulding, who is fairly new to the University, with Energy projects and to help him become better familiar with the buildings and their systems," said Power.

Abu's colleague spoke very highly of his ability to be a team player and provide detailed, intelligent, and thoughtful recommendations and actions. "This includes proper direction, technical information, and providing others with the resources they need to be successful. When Abu is working on a project or assisting others, he makes all involved parties feel that each project is equally important and that all of his attention is directed at providing a quality finished product. The Facilities Management department and the University as a whole is a better place because of Abu Mohammad Monjer’s contributions. I am honored to work alongside such a quality human being." 

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