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April 2023 Facilities Employee of the Month – Stewart D. Tolentino


Celebrating Stewart D. Tolentino as the April 2023 Employee of the Month

Stewart Tolentino, a Structural Trades Technician for Facilities Management, was recognized as April 2023 Facilities Employee of the Month. Tolentino was nominated by Jerry (Jay) Lang, Zone 6 Supervisor. "It [was] my pleasure to nominate Stewart Tolentino for Employee of the Month. Having had the fortune to work with Stewart for almost fifteen years, almost ten in the Utilities Trade Shop and then in the Carpentry Shop, he has shown a vast knowledge of both Trades, as well as professionalism," said Lang. "Having knowledge of one trade is good but to excel in two trades is unique."

According to Lang, The team member's trades knowledge and professionalism has helped the Facilities Department maintain its high standards and mission goals. He goes above and beyond the job to support Mason Facilities in meeting Mason's mission. Ensuring follow-up and education of job-related processes with customers, Tolentino's customer satisfaction skills are top tier.

"Another example of Stewart’s professionalism and work ethic was on display recently when, a call came in about a door that wasn’t working properly, possible entrapment; Stewart cut his lunch time short to accompany me and help fix the door and made the area safe and secure - something that enhances Facilities service to the University," said Lang.

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