2023 Employee of the Month Facilities Management News

October 2023 Facilities Employee of the Month – Tan Nguyen


Celebrating Tan Nguyen as the October 2023 Employee of the Month

Congratulations to Tan Nguyen, Recycling and Waste Worker, Facilities Management (FM), for being recognized as the October 2023 Facilities Employee of the Month! Tan was nominated by FM' s Recycling and Waste Management Supervisor, Kevin Brim.

Tan has consistently demonstrated outstanding commitment to his work, making valuable contributions to our department since joining as classified staff in August 2021. Before Tan's promotion to a classified position, he served as a wage worker for over a decade and has maintained the same level of exceptional performance throughout his career at Mason.

"I'm nominating Tan as the Employee of the Month to not only honor his hard work and contributions as a classified staff member in our department, but in recognition of his diverse skill set, proactive problem solving, and long-standing dedication to improving our recycle operations," said Kevin.

Tan's versatility and attention to detail sets him apart as an exceptional employee. He speaks English as a second language and possesses a wide range of trades and job skills that often go unrecognized. Tan's always making repairs around our shop and takes the initiative to respond to equipment and mechanical issues that affect the entire team.

Tan's dedication to our goals as a dept is unmatched, and he approaches his job with a positive attitude every day. He is a self-starter and continues to improve each day. His performance and ability to quickly learn new things speaks to his commitment as a Facilities employee and makes him an excellent candidate for Employee of the Month.