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Launching New Composting Pilot


Zero Waste & Plastics Free Mason: Next Up, Industrial Composting Pilot 

Mason Facilities is excited to announce the launch of a new zero waste station, with industrial composting, located at the Starbucks Northern Neck on the Fairfax campus! 

Mason is aiming for over 90% waste diversion from our trash stream, or to become zero waste. Waste reduction, reuse, and donation, as well as diversion strategies like composting/recycling are needed to support our sustainability goal.  

The Starbucks Northern Neck composting pilot is a collaboration between Facilities Management, University Sustainability, the Patriot Green Fund (PGF), and Operations & Business Services and its vendors, and offers the first industrial composting resource available for students, faculty, and staff use.  This pilot complements existing pre-consumer composting in residential dining halls, as well as coffee grounds composting. Foodservice cups, flatware, etc. at Starbucks Northern Neck were pivoted to third-party certified compostable items, which means now visitors can compost them in addition to food scraps! However, be sure to check items for BPI or CMA eco-labeling, like a certification mark, before composting. #cleancompost 

The Starbucks Northern Neck composting pilot will allow Facilities Management and University Sustainability to test different zero waste strategies to improve Mason’s waste diversion rate, supporting data-driven recommendations for implementing both zero waste design standards, and composting at more campus sites. This pilot also complements Mason’s ‘Buy Less, Buy Better’ Initiative, which supports reduction through reuse, and choosing goods to buy based on their lifecycle impacts and sustainable sourcing. In addition to pivoting campus foodservice items to third-party certified compostable, Mason has also switched to high percent recycled content items (e.g., paper bags or aluminum cans), that are also proven to have high product circularity and recycling rates. 

This zero waste station itself is made of approximately 1,655 reclaimed milk jugs – key to supporting post-consumer recycled (PCR) purchasing mandates – and offers updated zero waste design features like restrictive openings and better bin messaging. The interior pilot station includes the following waste streams: 

  • Glass bottles and jars 
  • Aluminum cans and plastic/aluminum bottles 
  • Paper 
  • Trash 
  • AND Compost 

Mason Facilities Zone 6 team, led by Louis Robinson, installed two zero waste station upgrades for this pilot in August 2022, adding a new compost bin to the Bigbelly solar station on the outdoor patio and a five-stream station inside. Both zero waste station upgrades were funded by the PGF program, which laid the groundwork for the Facilities composting pilot and the previous student led Bigbelly Solar project at this site. Mason Facilities Recycle & Waste Supervisor Kevin Brim will oversee collections and operations at the site in partnership with Mason Dining. University Sustainability and Operations & Business Services and its vendors will support planning, coordination, and data tracking/results. 

This pilot exemplifies Mason’s commitment to a just and sustainable future for all. However, achieving zero waste will take the entire Mason community.  

Join us: refill and/or reuse items whenever possible and take the extra step to properly sort recycling and composting at campus bins. 

2022 Employee of the Month Facilities Management News

October 2022 Facilities Employee of the Month – Ravy Pho


Celebrating Ravy Pho as the October 2022 Employee of the Month

October’s Employee of the Month, Ravy Pho, is a Waste Management and Recycling Worker for Facilities Management at Mason’s Warehouse and Customer Service Center. Ravy is described by his peers as high-performing, reliable, and adaptable. Able to adjust well to change, Ravy often commits to additional work assignments outside of his daily routine. 

“Ravy is an employee with very little words, yet his job performance speaks volumes. He has proven to be a vital asset to our team,” said Kevin Brim, Supervisor for Recycle and Waste Management. 

Due to the nature of his work, Ravy frequently works in various types of weather. His ability to persevere through unfavorable weather conditions and execute tasks has earned the respect of his coworkers. Setting a positive example for others, Ravy continues to demonstrate leadership through his work ethic and performance. 

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2022 All Together Green Facilities Management News On-Campus Solutions Sustainability

100 Trees Added to Mason


On Saturday, October 1, 2022 Mason Exhibitions, with the support of Mason Facilities, the Patriot Green Fund (PGF), the Office of Sustainability, and community volunteers, planted 100 native hardwood tree saplings on the Fairfax Campus. This event was part of Atlantika Collective’s  current exhibition  at Mason Exhibitions Arlington. The tree planting event on Saturday was part of a socially engaged artwork,  200 Trees: A Performance Action, presented by visiting artist, Katie Kehoe. 

"The Patriot Green Fund thrives on collaborations and this project was a wonderful demonstration of this as it explored the intersection of art and sustainability. The event brought students, staff, faculty, alumni, and community members together to enact change that benefits sustainability at Mason. It was a truly mutually beneficial partnership between the Office of Sustainability, Mason Exhibitions, and Facilities Management, which made it an ideal initiative for funding support," said Sarah D’alexander, Sustainability Program Manager.   

The trees will benefit the Mason Arboretum - a nationally accredited collection of trees and woody plants, which can be spotted on Mason’s campuses with labeled signs that include scannable barcodes to its online catalogue  

A big thanks to all the event volunteers for helping restore the native plant species in Virginia and increasing green landscaping at Mason!

In addition to serving the environment, this tree planting event launched the beginning of Mason’s Sustainability Month. During the entire month of October, Mason will celebrate Sustainability Month through sustainable programs and initiatives. From volunteering to helping Mason reduce its environmental impact, there are many ways to get involved. The Office of Sustainability encourages the Mason Community to make an impact, exemplifying our university’s commitment to a just and sustainable future for all.  


2022 Facilities Management News

University Day Service Awards 2022


Mason is celebrating years of service on November 8 and 9, 2022 at the Fairfax Campus. Thank you for your service, Mason Patriots!

Below, please find a full list of facilities recipients and details regarding the event(s).   

Green Day  (celebrating 5, 10, and 15 years of service) 
Tuesday, Nov. 8 from 9:30 – 11 a.m. 
Dewberry Hall, Fairfax campus 

Gold Day(celebrating 20 – 50 years of service) 
Wednesday, Nov. 9 from 12 – 1:30 p.m. 
Dewberry Hall, Fairfax campus 

Mason Facilities celebrates years of service. The below Mason Patriots are completing milestone work anniversaries.   

Celebrating 5 Years of Service:

Amber Saxton
Rosendo Monsanto
Edgardo Fino
Charles Bobosh
Juma Handon
Charles Rogers
Derek Borzi
Ravy Pho
Johnaton Salcedo
David Kidd
Donielle Nolan

Celebrating 10 Years of Service:

Megan Laures
Breton Leach
Geoffrey Lopez
Gary Robinson
Thomas Drerenberger

Celebrating 15 Years of Service:

Alexander E. Roldan
Steven Pulis
Kevin Brim
Oscar Ferrufino
Erich Miller
Jose Amaya
Gordon Lansdowne
Epifanio Escamilla

Celebrating 20 Years of Service:

Christopher Thorpe
Michael Ruais
James Gentry
Jose Marin
Jose Lopez

Celebrating 25 Years of Service:

James Ewing
George Malenich
Tammy Hanks
Chidi Knight
Paul Foley
Allan Wallace

Celebrating 30 Years of Service:

William Miller
Sandra Houston
Mark McClelland

Celebrating 35 Years of Service:

Archie Nesbitt

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2022 All Together Green Facilities Management News On-Campus Solutions

Facilities Fall Prep 2022


“Walking around campus ahead of the first day of school, I couldn’t help but notice how beautiful the campus looked!  Imagining all the parents who would be getting that final drop off selfie with their students, and the clear impression the students would have of our campus as a serious place of learning and growth, I was really grateful to Facilities for our best foot forward.”  -Kenneth D Walsh, Vice President for Strategic Initiatives and Chief of Staff, Office of the President

During the summer months, in preparation for the start of the fall semester, Mason Facilities runs through an extensive checklist to get all campuses ready.  From landscaping upkeep to classroom refreshes to updating signage, Facilities ensures that each experience on campus is one of quality.  Below are just some examples of how Facilities handles the operations of making Mason run smoothly.

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2022 Employee of the Month News

September 2022 Facilities Employee of the Month – Jerome Wallis

Jerome Wallis as the September 2022 Employee of the Month

Jerome, a Power Plant Shift Supervisor, specializes in overnight central heating and cooling. His proactive communication regarding plant issues and concerns contributes to efficient plant operation. Jerome is a highly, selfless supervisor – his willingness to work the night shift enables other employees to maintain their work-life balance.

“In his time at the Central Heating and Cooling Plant (CHCP), Jerome has selflessly given up opportunities for overtime so that other employees could take advantage of such opportunities to support their families,” said Matthew Unger, Boiler Operator for Facilities Management.

Jerome is described by his co-workers as personable, collaborative, and committed to excellence. Jerome also has a reputation for his reliability, especially in difficult situations or emergencies. During the pandemic shutdown, he worked on-site for 12-hour days, and even came in for 4 hours on his day off. Not to mention, he forfeited weekends for an extended period of time to support Mason’s heating and cooling efforts. Jerome’s work ethic inspires and boosts the morale of those around him. He is a great contributor to the Mason Community and highly deserving of this award!

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2022 All Together Green Facilities Management News Stable Partnerships

20+ Years of JDI Partnership


Mason Facilities has partnered with Job Discovery Inc. (JDI) for over 20 years and together we have positively impacted the George Mason University community.   

JDI is a human services organization that provides employment support opportunities, learning challenges, and job skills development for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. The nonprofit organization seeks to provide its workers with a stable and rewarding source of income – assisting with individual independence and increased opportunity for independent living.  

One way JDI creates opportunities for individuals with disabilities is through physical activities that are both productive and stimulating, such as Mason’s sustainable initiatives. While on Mason’s campuses, students, faculty, and staff have most likely encountered both support staff and part-time employees committed to environmental stewardship for our university campuses and surrounding communities.  "Mason's Waste & Recycle program plays a major part of day-to-day operations," said Kevin Brim, Mason Facilities Management Waste Recycle Supervisor.

JDI’s partnership with Mason started as a small team that serviced exterior parking lot trash and recycle cans. The team’s responsibilities soon grew to include working alongside Mason’s classified staff, collecting trash and recyclable materials from buildings on the university’s central and satellite campuses located in Fairfax, Arlington, and Sci-Tech. Over the years, JDI expanded its program to promote growth, increased efforts, and department efficiency.

“We wouldn’t be successful in what we do without the JDI Program, ” said Tan Nguyen, Mason Facilities Recycle worker.  

Today, the JDI team consists of a collaborative effort of part-time, support, and classified employees servicing all buildings on the Fairfax campus for all recycle waste streams. "I love how well the JDI team fits in.  They have a passion for the work and what they do every day,” said Brim. 

"I've worked with this group for a long time," said Wiredu Adade, Mason Facilities Recycling Supervisor.  "I'm retiring soon, and I've worked with Mark Ammann the full 20 years I've worked at Mason.  He's very dependable at his job."  The group’s commitment is reflected in their years of service and explementary work. Mason is grateful for the continued partnership with the JDI team and the positive impact on the Mason Community.

Years Of Service 

Mark Ammann: 22 years  
Justin Klein: 17 years  
Richard Schneider: 15 years 
Timothy Corrado: 15 years 
Christopher Falls: 14 years 
Anees Rehman: 9 years  
Scott Starkey: 8 years 
Gerald Robinson: 8 years   
Lyle Grant: 7 years 
Christopher Hilliard: 7 years 
Jacob Cisarik: 5 years 
Norman Tawil: 5 years 
Seung Ho Lee: 4 years 
Daniel Thompson: New Hire 
Marlon HSU: Training  


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2022 All Together Green Facilities Management News Sustainability Sustainable Innovation

Organic Land Care Beta Testing


Mason Facilities is excited to announce the launch of a new pilot program centering around organic land care in a 7-acre area surrounding Merten Hall and Petersen Hall on the Fairfax campus. Within the testing site, 100% natural fertilizers and environmentally sensitive, gardening products will be used to measure the environmental and financial impacts and feasibility to the Mason Community. 

The Facilities Management (FM) team is leading this pilot program, which began in Spring 2022, and will be evaluating the viability of “green” landscaping and organic land care for the next three years. During this time, testing will be conducted on landscaping systems and their ability to absorb possible enhanced biodiversity, biological cycles, and soil activity in an organic capacity. "Organic" means landscaping with no synthetic pesticides of any kind (insecticides, herbicides, fungicides, etc.) and with no synthetic fertilizers or soil amendments.  

"The site will be routinely monitored, while findings and conditions will be recorded in order to determine the overall effectiveness and prospect of the practices required and how the flora and fauna react,” said Erich Miller, FM Grounds Program Manager.  “These necessary steps are required to provide the most accurate responses. Unfortunately, in this field, it is a rather lengthy process of trial and error, as it will take some time for the soil reactions and changes in plant growth habits to manifest and produce levels that can be recorded and analyzed.”  

Additional efforts tested within the pilot program include, but are not limited to: water conservation, soil testing, inland wetlands and watercourses preservation, lawn maintenance, renovation, organic plant and tree care, and proper disposal for plant residues and other landscaping materials. 

FM is partnering with BrightView, Mason’s contracted landscaping vendor, to ensure testing continues to be in compliance with best landscaping management practices, while showcasing Facilities’ efforts to advance Mason’s mission.  

Once this research program is completed in 2025, Mason Facilities will assess the practicality and feasibility of organic landscaping within the Mason Community. If the trial is successful in its use of organic vs. synthetic landscaping products, the Facilities Department will strive to review and consider, on a case-by-cases basis; a shift away from traditional lawn care practices.  

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2022 News

GMU SWaM Conference


George Mason University
GMU SWaM Conference
Offices of Contracts & Finance and Purchasing
September 21, 2022


Come join us on September 21, 2022, 10:00 – 1:00 located in the Johnson Center Dewberry Hall on the Fairfax Campus of Mason for a vendor expo, bringing together key contractors, vendors, suppliers and buyers to support better procurement decisions throughout the fiscal year. Faculty and Staff are welcome to attend as well as other localities and state agencies.

Staff from Mason’s Contracts and Purchasing Departments will be available to discuss the needs of Mason. This is an opportunity for both buyers and vendors to strengthen existing relationships as well as to form new relationships/contacts for a varied group of goods and services.

Interested Vendors:

Interested in a table? Registration available through Mason’s Facilities website or follow the link below, until September 15, 2022. There is a $50, non-refundable, registration fee per table. Space with electrical outlet access is limited, please be sure to reserve early.

If you have any questions, email for more information.

Note: There may be photographs taken at this event and used in education, news and promotional materials, whether in print, electronic or other media sources. By participating in this event, you grant Mason the right to use your name and photograph for such purposes. All postings become the property of Mason and may be displayed, distributed or used by Mason for said purpose.

Register Here!


2022 Employee of the Month News

August 2022 Facilities Employee of the Month – Daniel Chappell



Celebrating Daniel Chappell as the August 2022 Employee of the Month

Daniel, a Zone 3 team member, is a valued employee who solely conducts and maintains all of George Mason’s ice machines on a monthly basis, along with his regular preventive maintenance HVAC duties. He is always the first to volunteer for holiday and winter break duty, providing Facilities Management with reliable service and maintenance. In addition, Daniel works the night shift and is tasked with addressing the concerns of the entire Fairfax campus HVAC maintenance concerns during the evening.

“A number of staff members have contacted me praising his performance in maintaining and assisting with their maintenance concerns. He is highly recommended for this award for his dedication and commitment to HVAC Maintenance,” said Dwain Wise-Spain, Zone 5 Supervisor for Facilities Management.

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