MCM5: Post Construction Stormwater Management


Stormwater Best Management Practices (BMPs) are engineered facilities that convey storm runoff, remove pollutants and to control flow rates. They are designed to improve the stormwater runoff quality that reaches the Chesapeake Bay and helps preventing flooding. Mason implements both structural and non-structural BMPs to manage and control stormwater and to promote natural hydrologic processes. As land disturbing activities take place, Mason incorporates measures that protect and/or improve natural areas during and after construction. In addition to the ongoing efforts to preserve the natural landscape, Mason strives to reduce impervious areas as much as possible and create more vegetated regions.

Non proprietary BMPs   


Mason’s Vegetated RoofDetention/Retention Ponds
Rain Gardens (Bioretention)Porous Pavement on Masonvale

Proprietary/Manufactured BMPs