Land Development

The goal of the Land Development division (Mason LD) is to assist George Mason University’s Construction Management team with the review and supervisionof new projects in order to ensure compliance with regulatory agencies and campus planning criteria. The collective efforts of Mason LD accomplish this task through procedural systems that involve regular inspections, as well as, the evaluation of impacts associated with construction. Besides overseeing the physical development of new projects, Mason LD is also responsible for the administration of in-house policies and programs, with the goal of meeting environmental goals and standards. Some of the programs managed by Land development include the Stormwater Management Program, the Illicit Discharge Detection and Elimination Program, and Public Education and Outreach Program, among others.

Key functions of the Land Development division include:

I. The development of the MS4 Program as required by the permit VAR04 – 4VAC50-60-1200
II. Education on the public on the impacts of stormwater and the MS4 program
III. SWM program authority in land disturbing
IV. Manage, oversee, implement, improve GMU ESC standards and specs
V. Ensure compliance with VSMP permit