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Launching Custodial Pilot Program

Mason Facilities is excited to announce the Custodial Pilot Program launching this fall on the SciTech campus and in Merten Hall on the Fairfax campus.

This pilot program is part of Facilities’ ongoing efforts to establish new service models that enhance Mason’s sustainability, efficiency and service delivery.

The Custodial Pilot Program will impact the following services:

  • Centralized Trash Cans: Centralized trash cans in common areas standardize cleaning protocols and resources
  • Focus on High Traffic Areas: Common spaces and high traffic areas will be cleaned daily
  • Bi-weekly Private Office Cleaning: Offices will be cleaned to the same standard, under a new two-week frequency*

We will begin the transition to centralized trash repositories October 1, 2023.  During the pilot, data from SciTech and Merten will be routinely collected and assessed through Fall and Winter 2023.  We will be analyzing the data and each of the differences and successes of the pilot programs.

SciTech Campus - Pilot Green
  • All personal trash cans in offices will be removed.
  • Click here for a list of communal trash can locations.
  • Download and share Pilot Green details.
Merten Hall - Pilot Gold
  • Personal trash cans will remain in offices, though office occupants will be responsible for emptying those trash cans into the larger trash receptacles in common areas.
  • Trash can liner dispensers will be installed in breakrooms so office occupants may replace liners whenever needed.
  • Do not place food waste into personal trash cans in offices. Place all food waste into the large, centralized trash receptacles within common spaces as soon as possible.
  • If you would like to voluntarily opt-in to having your personal trash can removed, email to let our Customer Service Center know.
  • A complete list of centralized trash can locations is coming soon.
  • Download and share Pilot Gold details.

Thank you for your partnership to improve Mason’s sustainability and efficiency -- together we can make a difference! As always our mission is to create a safe, healthy, and high-quality, physical environment for all members of the Mason community.

For further questions, contact the Mason Facilities Customer Service Center at

*Note: If office cleaning is needed outside of the new frequency, submit a work order.