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Adding New Aunt Flow Dispensers to Mason

This Summer 2023, Mason Facilities installed Aunt Flow Dispensers on the Fairfax, Mason Square, and Sci-Tech Campuses. This was done in partnership with The Patriot Period Project, a student-run organization that provides free feminine products in a few locations on Mason’s campuses. Mason Facilities collaborated with The Patriot Period Project and provided Aunt Flow dispensers as a way to provide free feminine care products across all three main Mason campuses. 

The project was started in Fall 2022, with initial plans to only install a couple of units on the Fairfax campus, but the project expanded to 15 dispensers. Although they’ve only recently been installed, they have already made a positive impact across our campuses. 

“We've heard so many positive comments about this project,” Said Sophia Nguyen, Student Body President of George Mason University and a member of the Patriot Period Project.  “Many students came to us saying how these dispensers saved their lives when they forgot their menstrual products at home as well.”

The current locations of the dispensers can be seen below:


  • JC – 1st floor (East/David King side)
  • JC – 3rd floor (West/PAB side)
  • Exploratory – 1st floor gender inclusive (near room 1102/JC side)
  • Peterson – 1st floor women’s (restroom between elevators and classrooms)
  • Engineering – 2nd floor women’s (near room 2247)
  • Horizon – 2nd floor gender inclusive (near room 2206)
  • Fenwick – 2nd floor gender inclusive (near Dissertation Services)
  • HUB – 2nd floor women’s (near Student Involvement Office)


Mason Square (Arlington)

  • Van Metre – 1st floor women’s room
  • Van Metre – 2nd floor gender-inclusive restroom (near room 211)
  • Van Metre – 3rd floor women’s room
  • Scalia – 1st floor women’s room (near elevators)


Sci-Tech (Manassas)

  • Colgan – 1st floor women’s (near room 115)
  • Katherine Johnson – 1st floor women’s room (near room 150)
  • Hylton - This location is still being finalized and approved by Hylton, but it most likely will be the first floor, main women’s room.

Additional contributors to the project:

  • Student Health Services
  • Mason NAAPC
  • Mason Student Government