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Facilities Spring Campus Cleanup 2023

On Thursday, May 4, 2023, our Facilities Management (FM) team members hosted its annual Campus Cleanup at the Fairfax, Mason Square and SciTech campuses. Mason’s Campus Cleanup occurs on an annual basis – an event to remove trash and debris that has been deposited around the campus grassy and wooded areas. Although keeping the campus clean throughout the year is routine practice, FM finds “hidden” debris that gets trapped in parking lot perimeters and other areas around the university. The objective of the cleanup was to safely remove all trash visible to pedestrians and drivers throughout high traffic/high visibility areas across Mason’s campuses. As a steward of our properties and the Earth, FM strives to keep these areas clean and separate all the materials retrieved into groups: Items to be recycled and those that can be disposed of as waste.

The composition of materials collected at the Fairfax campus are as follows:

  • Trash Total Weight – 285 LBS
  • Recycle Total Weight – 40 LBS