2023 All Together Green Facilities Management News

Waste & Recycling Impact Awards

Mason Facilities' Waste & Recycle Management team was recently recognized by Emily Ross, Deputy Chief of Mason Police for the exceptional work during Homecoming celebrations in February 2023.  The team was shouted out for going above and beyond for their work during the post-event clean up.

"This team had the unenviable task of ensuring the cleaning of an exceptional amount of trash and other various hazards that were left by patrons strewn across the parking lot in large quantities well beyond their normal workload, let alone on a Saturday, which was likely outside of their standard work schedule," said Ross.  "Their efforts were critical to ensuring the safety of the several thousand guests, pedestrians, and motorists, a number of whom were too inebriated to be able to clean up after themselves. Police and EMS responded to several calls to attend to medical emergencies in the area, and the support received from the Facilities team keeping the area safe for the first responders to operate was invaluable."

Facilities loves hearing about other units championing our staff.  This year, the Homecoming cleanup went beyond the usual scope of the Waste and Recycle Management team, but they rose to the occasion.

"Not only were there a lot of tasks to do, but the team also exemplified the utmost professionalism, especially in the face of adversity when the revelers refused to leave the parking lot more than two hours after conclusion of the event," said Ross. "The team stood by and waited patiently for the group to disperse, even though this kept them from ending their shift and going home when originally intended."

"In Facilities, we are all here to support staff, students, and families and ensuring they have a great experience," said Kevin Brim, Facilities Management Waste Recycle Supervisor.  "This will go along way to show my team their work does matter and people do notice."

For their outstanding service and support, positive attitudes, and interacting with others in a professional and civil manner, the Mason Police Department recognized the following Recycling and Waste Management employees with Bronze Impact Awards:

Edward Johnson
Yaw Tenkorang
Shawn Andrews
Ravy Pho
Kwame Adomako
Tan Nguyen