2022 Facilities Management News

Mason Custodial Services

June 2022

The University has adopted a multi-contract approach for campus janitorial services, initiating new contracts with the Budd Group, Golden Gate Service and Evergreen Janitorial on June 1, 2022, and continuing contracts with Building Maintenance Service (BMS) and L&G Exclusive Janitorial, to service Fairfax and Arlington campuses. These organizations were selected in keeping with Mason’s commitment to fair treatment of its employees and those of its contractors in a manner that closely aligns with the University’s values. The SciTech campus will be maintained by Mason employees. 

Mason respects and values everyone’s work at the University and recognizes the important custodial role in keeping the campuses clean and safe. Further, the University expects fair treatment for everyone who works on our campuses, whether they are employed directly by Mason or through a contractor. In 2020, based on dialogue with campus custodial staff, the University commissioned an outside audit of its janitorial services contractor and put a campus janitorial services contract out to bid after 30 years with the same company.

Mason now requires that a contractor’s custodial staff be paid a wage of at least $15.25 per hour, that they be considered employees of the company and not independent contractors, and that all payroll records are electronically processed to ensure everyone is paid fully and on time. Each organization offers competitive hourly compensation and benefits and is responsible for their own compensation structures. 

Against the backdrop of today’s complex and shifting labor market, a mix of service providers and these requirements support the welfare of custodial workers and Mason’s Virginia campuses’ needs.