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I would like to nominate Tim Swann for employee of the month.  His commitment to customer service makes Facilities shine on campus and should be commended. 

Tim has excelled in his job duties on multiple occasions.  When the factory controls needed to be changed at Merten Hall, Tim helped insure a timely change out with minimal disruption for the occupants.  When the change was complete, hot and cold calls fell dramatically. 

At the Aquatic Center, he was instrumental in changing the controls for the pool recovery units to our system.  The changeover allowed our HVAC shop to quickly diagnose where the problems were with the units.  This in turn, improved the air quality and temperature control dramatically for the customer. 

Recently, the BA shop was tasked with correcting temperature problems in “A Wing” of the Fenwick Library.  Tim took a set of plans and proceeded to do a thorough visual inspection of everything in the area and compared it to the plans.  He found multiple issues that had compounded over the years.  The most important part – he relayed what he had found to the customer!  He told them what was wrong, how we would go about repairing the problem and then put the plan in motion.  He had vacation planned, so he explained everything he had found to his partner – John Fahey.  When he came back, he helped finish what he had started. 

His outstanding attention to detail insured there was no duplication of effort – seamless from start to finish – customer satisfaction from start to finish.  It moved the Director of CaLT to pen an email commending Facilities fine work.  This is what Facilities should be about and this is why I am recommending Tim Swann for employee of the month!

Ronnie Williams
Building Automation Supervisor
Facilities Management
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