Land Disturbance Permits

Land Development (LD) maintains the authority and responsibility to manage all land development activities as delegated by the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) as a Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) Permit.


In accordance with the delegated authority, the DGS and DEQ require a Permit for the following land disturbance activities:

  • Modifications of Storm Water systems to include piping, inlets, outfalls, and storage facilities including rain gardens, detention/retention ponds, bio-swales and similar facilities.
  • Increases or removal of impervious areas to include paving, sidewalks, equipment pads, building foundations, bike racks, and similar functions.
  • All land clearing or grading activities.
  • Installation, relocation, or repair of underground utilities.
  • Work within a stream, waterway, or wetlands of any type.
  • Activities with the potential in changing the volume, quality, or velocity of storm water runoff.
  • Activities creating erosion, sedimentation, or discharges to surface waterways.

Project Permits

Building Code Services (BCS) maintains the responsibility and limited authority for plan review, permitting, and code inspections for compliance with the Virginia Uniform Statewide Building Code (VUSBC) is delegated to Facilities by the Virginia Department of Engineering and Buildings (DEB) through delegated Annual Permit authority and is administered by BCS.

In accordance with the delegated authority, the DGS and DEQ require a Permit for the following activities including additions, renovations and remodeling:

  • The addition, relocation, or removal of a wall, any portion of a wall, including addition or removal of doors and windows.
  • Building exterior modifications to include addition of appurtenances such as towers, sun screens, antennae, and similar functions.
  • The installation, relocation, alteration, or removal of any part of the electrical, mechanical, plumbing, natural gas, fire suppression, or fire alarm system.
  • Penetrations into or through Fire Walls, Fire Barriers, Fire Partitions, or Smoke Partitions.
  • Roof modifications or alterations. Roof repairs affecting less than 25% of existing roof covering
  • All activities requiring a Land Disturbance Permit. (See Land Development above)
  • The change of a room or space function in type, use, or occupancy load.
  • Any installation, relocation, alteration, or removal involving work regulated by the VUSBC.

Through delegated authority Building Code Services (BCS) and Land Development (LD) serve as the authority having jurisdiction for all land development activities, renovations, and new noncapital construction on Mason property.  BCS and LD work collaboratively with Mason EH&S, Physical Security, Information Technology Services, Mason ADA Coordinator, and many others to insure campus wide regulatory compliance, accessibility, health and safety for Mason’s students, faculty, staff, and visitors.

In this capacity, LD and BCS maintains the authority and responsibility to review project documents for compliance with applicable regulations and codes, issuance of Permits, conducting required inspections, and taking appropriate enforcement actions as allowed by Virginia Law and Mason University Policies.