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The Facilities Services Motor Pool has over 26 vehicles in its fleet to meet the short term and seasonal vehicle needs of faculty, staff and students. In order to provide you with multiple options to suit your rental needs, the fleet ranges from medium sized sedans, alternative fuel vehicles, golf carts to 12 passenger vans. If you are new to Facilities Services and have never rented vehicles before, please complete a Motor Pool Vehicle Rental Form and submit to Facilities Services by campus mail, in person, email or fax. Making a reservation is convenient through our online reservation system “Trip Direct”. The two step process submits your reservation electronically and provides confirmation and summary of trip charges by email to help keep you informed. Sending your reservation requests in advance ensures access to specialized vehicles such as 12 passenger vans and golf carts. Seasonal rentals should be communicated as early as possible to ensure availability of vehicles to match your activity. If you have not previously submitted a reservation through our Online Reservation system, please feel free to stop by the Motor Pool Office located in the Warehouse Building of the Physical Plant Complex, Room 112 for a demonstration or call us at (703) 993-2525 Monday through Friday 7:00-5:00 and we’d be happy to help!

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