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The Grounds Shop provides all landscaping and grounds maintenance services to the George Mason University Fairfax Campus.






In as timely and unobtrusive a manner as possible, perform any standard grounds maintenance operation to enhance and maintain the aesthetic appearance of the University’s grounds, ensure community safety and provide the best possible physical environment for education, research and in support of the overall University Mission Statement.  Maintenance operations include, but are not limited to:

  1. Environmental Services
  2. Inclement Weather-Snow/Ice Removal
  3. Agronomic Services
  4. Horticultural Services
  5. Flower Program
  6. General Support Services
  7. Wildflower and Wildlife Programs and Stewardship Initiatives.

Operations are performed by in-house staff or by contractors whose work is inspected by Grounds Shop personnel.  To contact the Grounds Shop call the Work Control Center at 703-993-2525 or in emergencies call their offices at 703-993-3731.

  1. Environmental Services: When requested, or as necessary, maintain and enhance the aesthetic appeal of the campus by removing organic litter and debris (leaves, branches etc) from paved and landscaped areas.  Paved areas include asphalt and concrete walkways, building patios and landings, plus parking lots and roadways.  Landscaped areas include, but are not limited to, native woodlands, turf areas, tree rings/planting beds and other mulched areas.  Additional services are performed intermittently, in support of Recycling Department, depending on the  amount and type of debris.  Although snow/ice removal is an environmental service, it is handled separately and takes precedence over other basic environmental services and other maintenance operations.
  2. Inclement  Weather-Snow/Ice Removal: As employees designated as “Essential Personnel”, maintain pedestrian safety and campus access by clearing paved surfaces, or other assigned areas, of accumulated snow, ice or other storm debris.  Paved areas include, but are not limited to, asphalt and concrete walkways, building landings and ramps, plus storm drains or other drainage-ways.  Snow/ice removal operations include cleaning up the residue following the application of deicing and traction materials and repairing damaged landscaped areas.  Finally, assess the campus landscape for problem areas that hindered snow/ice removal operations and, if possible, change, alter or modify landscaped areas as appropriate.
  3. Agronomic  Services: Maintain and enhance the health and appearance of turf areas by performing any standard agronomic operation for establishing, maintaining and upgrading lawns.  Work includes mowing, aerating, fertilizing, liming, seeding and other primary or secondary agronomic operations.
  4. Horticultural Services: Maintain and enhance the health and aesthetic appearance of landscaped areas by performing any standard horticultural operation designed to promote the healthy growth of trees, shrubs and perennials.
  5. Flower Program:  Maintain and develop areas of seasonal interest around buildings, along walkways and roadways, along woodlands and at other selected  focal points by installing flowering plants such as spring/summer bulbs, annuals, biennials and perennials.  Work includes, but is not limited to, bed preparation, planting, fertilizing, watering and mulching.
  6. Wildlife/Wildflower Programs and Stewardship Initiatives: Since the maintenance duties listed above have priority over this function, as other duties allow, maintain, develop or enhance native areas on campus.  Where appropriate,work includes, but is not limited to, reviewing planned or proposed landscape installation plans, creating wildflower buffers or native areas along woodlands, developing better stewardship practices and techniques such as rain gardens, or supporting staff, student and other University organizations involved in similar activities,
  7. General Support Services: Provide manpower as requested, to assist the recruitment and retention of students, faculty and staff by supporting the smooth functioning of University programs and events.  Work includes set-up or breakdown of tents and stages, loading or unloading vehicles, moving office furniture and supplies, responding to emergency situations or being placed on emergency stand-by. Special events and programs include, but are not limited to, Commencement, Patriots Day, Mason Day plus other scheduled concerts, seminars or classes.
  8. Wildlife and Wildflower Programs: As long-range construction and campus development plans allow, retain and increase the biodiversity of native woodlands, meadows and wetlands by maintaining existing and establishing new wildlife or wildflower areas.  Work includes sowing      wildflowers or native grasses and installing birdhouses.  Unless specifically requested, this work is performed only as other duties allow.

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Archie Nesbitt
Grounds Shop Supervisor
Archie Nesbitt