Utility Fees All Campuses

GMU Utility Rates
As of 10/15/2015   
Dominion Electric Rate (KWH Blended)
Arlington & Fairfax Campus$0.065KWH
NOVEC Electric Rate (KWH Blended)
Science & Tech Campus$0.10KWH
Natural Gas (DKTH)
All Campuses Burner Tip Price$5.38DKTHCost Includes Commodity, LDC, transportation costs, and all vendor markups
Oil (gallon)SEASONALPrice at the time of delivery
Fairfax Water (Sewer Kgal)
Service Charge for initial 5000 Kgal$28.12SVC CHG
Water Charge$3.20Kgal
Sewer Charge$7.28Kgal
Arlington Utilities
Water Charge$4.70Kgal
Sewer Charge$9.10Kgal
Prince William Service Authority
Water Charge$3.80Kgal
Sewer Charge$7.25Kgal
Service Charge Water 1 ½” Meter$41.60Kgal
Service Charge Sewer 1 ½” Meter$73.25Kgal
Service Charge Water 2″ Meter$71.30Kgal
Service Charge Sewer 2″ Meter$125.55Kgal
High Usage Demand I >120Kgal$2.55Kgal
High Usage Demand II >270Kgal$3.15Kgal
Town of Front Royal
SMSC (Electric)$0.09KWH
SMSC Water/Sewer
Water Charge 1st 3000 Kgal*$9.92Kgal
Water Charge additional 1,000 Kgal*$8.51Kgal
Sewer Charge 1st 3000 Kgal*$16.17Kgal
Sewer Charge additional 1,000 Kgal*$13.91Kgal