Water Conservation

The SBT Energy Analysis team has identified a series of water conservation measures that are recommended across the University. These measures include traditional plumbing fixture upgrades not covered in the first PC Phase as well as more extensive measures such as kitchen equipment upgrades, automated irrigation controls and sterilizer upgrades. The total cost savings generated by the measures are generated by a combination of natural gas and electrical energy in addition to reduced water consumption. The cost savings make it possible to upgrade aging and inefficient kitchen equipment as well as provide automated irrigation control without the need for capital budget dollars for the upgrades. The expected energy, water and cost savings is estimated to be:

Estimated Water Savings = 5,983 Mgal/yr
Estimated Electrical savings = 116,864 kWh/yr
Estimated Natural Gas Savings = 1,410 MMBtu/yr
Estimated O&M Cost Savings = $31,944 /yr
Estimated Cost Savings = $103,097 /yr
Estimated Implementation Cost = $732,674
Simple Payback Period = 7.1 years

Detailed discussion of the recommendation and the associated savings is given in the Engineering Calculations section.