Patriot Center Lighting Upgrades

It is recommended that the current lighting system in Patriot Center be upgraded to a more energy efficient technology. The building was built in 1985 and the lighting systems were installed with the most efficient technology available at the time. The current lighting technology available can provide significant reductions in the energy usage attributable to the lighting and cooling systems. This facility was not considered a candidate for occupancy based lighting controls because of the usage type of the facility. The implementation of the recommendation will result in energy and cost savings while maintaining, or improving, current light levels. The overall energy and cost savings resulting from the upgrades are listed below:

Estimated Electrical Energy Savings = 274,493 kWh/yr ( 937 MMBtu/yr)
Estimated Natural Gas Energy Savings = -134 MMBtu/yr
Estimated Demand Savings = 51 kW
Estimated Cost Savings = $15,893 /yr
Estimated Implementation Cost = $80,528
Simple Payback Period = 5.1 years

The proposed lighting system upgrades were identified through detailed, room by room surveys of the existing systems. Operating hours for the facility were established based on information provided by the GMU Energy Management Office. Detailed discussion of the recommendations and the associated savings is given in the Engineering Calculations section.