Infrared Heating at Facilities Warehouse

It is recommended that the hot water convective unit heaters currently used to heat the Warehouse Bay and Paper Storage Room be replaced with infrared radiant heat. The heater in the secure storage room will not be replaced due to the low ceiling. The radiant heating system provides a more efficient method of heating in applications of this type. Benefits include reduced stratification, reduced part load degradation effects, and improved occupant comfort at lower space set point temperatures. The energetic and economic benefits are listed below.

Estimated Energy Savings = 864 MMBtu/yr
Estimated Cost Savings = $10,800 /yr
Estimated Implementation Cost = $120,765
Simple Payback Period = 11.2 years

The energy savings associated with this recommendation were calculated based on the BIN calculation method using Typical Meteorological Year (TMY) weather data for the Fairfax area. The algorithm used to make the calculations was developed by SBT using sound engineering principles. Detailed discussion of the recommendation and the associated savings calculations is given in the Engineering Calculations section.