Green Roof

SBT recommended that a green roof be installed on the north side of Research I. This roof is 837ft2 and located on the ground level and will have high visibility to the campus population. An extensive vegetated roof over an existing modified bituminous conventional roof assembly is proposed. The roof is at grade and has a northern exposure. Due to the partial/full shade conditions, the green roof will feature a 4″ built up assembly that features using native plant materials in lieu of sedums and succulents that are common on other green roofs that receive full sun. In an interest to encourage sustainable practices, the existing membrane, insulation, and cover board remain in place and that another hot rubberized asphalt liquid applied membrane will be placed directly over the existing roof so as to eliminate the disposal of those membranes. Given that this green roof is over storage and rest room spaces with limited HVAC space conditioning, utility savings will be significantly limited. The installation of this green roof will allow GMU to promote sustainable technologies and establish the University as a leader in sustainable design.

Estimated Electrical Energy Savings = 0 kWh/yr
Estimated Natural Gas Energy Savings = 0 MMBtu/yr
Estimated Demand Savings = 0 kW
Estimated Cost Savings = $0 /yr
Estimated Implementation Cost = $74,002

The SBT Energy Analysis Team evaluated an existing proposal provided to the GMU Sustainability Coordinator for the Student Union II building. After careful consideration of the preliminary proposed scope and the more detailed scope development, the revised installation cost became cost prohibitive. GMU Facilities Management personnel then proposed an alternative location for a small green roof. This alternate location will allow GMU to establish a green roof to promote and educate students on the benefits of sustainable design while reducing the impact on capital budgets.