Building Automation

Building Automation/Building Comfort & Energy Efficiency

A building should function  productively: it should use energy economically, make the work place more  comfortable, and react automatically to weather conditions. It is a fact:

  • 40% of the world’s energy is consumed by buildings
  • 21% of greenhouse gas emissions worldwide comes from building’s energy usage
  • Building owners are under pressure to reduce energy consumption.

George Mason University has installed and utilizes a comprehensive Building Automation System linking every facility by Fiber Optics and Ethernet to the Facilities Management Energy  Management Office.  Energy savings are  achieved through improved monitoring and control capability for key systems:  Heating, cooling, ventilation and lighting.  Verification for proper temperatures, set points, setback or shutdown of  systems, monitoring of energy usage in real-time and detection of degraded  energy efficiency contributes to more efficient operation and expected energy  savings.

This link provides a small sample of  the Building Automation System’s graphic demonstration, here at Mason.