Space Request and Allocation Process

George Mason University has numerous demands for spaces to meet instructional, research, and administrative needs.  The Office of Space Management will assess requests for space using University Space Guidelines and will provide options to end users to assist them in meeting their space needs.  To assure that space is distributed effectively, requests must be submitted via the Space Request Form, and must have support and approval of  University Administrators to assure that overall goals and objectives of the  University are met.  Student enrollment projections, faculty/staff projections, sponsored research activities, and new priorities identified by the University all influence space assignments, and play an important role in the space allocation process.

Requests for New Space or Significant Reassignment of Currently Assigned Space

A request for assignment of additional space must be submitted by the Unit Space Liaison in order to assure it has been vetted through the academic, administrative, or business services senior leadership as a high priority for the unit. If you are not sure who your unit space liaison is, please contact Space Management at x2468. Due to space constraints, Units/Departments/Centers at the University are encouraged to make every effort to meet new space needs within their existing allocated space by reviewing options for reassignments of underutilized space or examining ways in which spaces can be used more efficiently to meet new space needs.

The timeline for review of new requests is generally one month, but more complex requests that involve specialized space may extend that timeline. Unit Space Liaisons/requestors will be kept informed of the status of the review process and options that are being considered and will be notified of decisions regarding new space assignments as soon as reviews are completed. Requesting unit/department is responsible for all costs associated with new space assignments (renovation/improvement work, furniture, signage, move/other expenses).

Committees that contribute to the approval process  for new space requests:

  • The Classroom Advisory Committee (CAC) must review and provide a recommendation for any new space request involving instructional spaces (or removal of current instructional space for alternate use).   CAC makes recommendations to SAC as part of the review/approval process for space requests involving university shared classroom spaces. 
  • The Space Administration Committee (SAC) reviews all requests for new space assignments, or reassignment of space for alternate use, and provides approval that the request aligns with strategic goals and initiatives.  

New space requests submitted to the Office of Space Management are intended to meet short-term or incremental growth space needs for each unit.  Requests for significant new space assignments are handled via the Capital Outlay Process and are coordinated through the Facilities Planning department work with the University’s Strategic Capital Planning office. 

Space Request

Internal Space Reallocation

Departments and Units have the authority to reassign spaces already assigned to the department/unit without prior approval of the Space Administration Committee so long as the assignments are consistent with  University Space Guidelines/Standards and do not:

  • Impact instructional space
  • Impact space assigned to another department/unit
  • Violate any policies, practices, or procedures established by the  University
  • Require resources beyond the department’s or unit’s control
  • Interfere with any existing space use agreements or contractual  relationships
  • Change the original permitted use of the space (i.e. converting a storage room into an office.)

Departments and Units are responsible for notifying the Office of Space Management when space is reassigned within the department/unit so that updates to space data can be made in the space database.

For internal space reallocations that require renovations to existing space, departments or units must submit a Project Request.   The department/unit incurs all costs associated with renovations to assigned spaces.   The Office of Campus Planning/Space Management will review requested renovations to assure compliance with University Space Guidelines/Standards.

Request a Project