Environmental Graphic Design

Environmental Graphic Design Services are defined as projects within Mason’s public spaces which include:

  • Signage and Graphics
  • Donor Recognition Programs
  • Exhibit Displays
  • Coordination and planning of Public Art (in consultation with the University Curator)
  • Seasonal or event pageantry
  • Other non-signage elements which will enhance the built environment and create a stronger sense of place and support the Mason brand.



For non-public spaces (spaces within Departments/Programs and Colleges), consultation of an Environmental Graphic Designer can be requested to coordinate EGD Services with finishes, architecture and furniture to enhance the physical environment within those spaces.

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For maintenance or service requests, please contact the Facilities Customer Service Center at (703) 993-2525 or email csc@gmu.edu.

Contact Info

John Forgy
Manager, Environmental Graphic Design
Tel: (703) 993-2628
FAX: (703) 993-2524

Senior Graphic Designer
Tel: (703) 993-4869
FAx: (703) 993-2524