February 20, 2020

Hylton Performing Arts Center Addition


Project Number: 247-18011-000
Project Type: Performing Arts Academic Addition
Campus: Science & Technology Campus – Prince William County
Biennium: 2014 – 2016
Authorization: Authorized
Phase: Design
Key Building Occupants: CVPA – College of Visual and Performing Arts


Total Project Budget: $9,043,000
Current Budget Total: $13,481,383


Project Authorization: July 2014
Design Start: August 2014
Design Complete: December 2017
Construction Start: February 2018
Construction Completion: August 2019
Furniture Installation Completion: August 2019
Occupancy (ready for use): 


Design Nearly Complete and Construction Manager selection complete.  Projecting early 2019 project delivery.

Project Team

Owner: George Mason University
University Project Manager: Mike Herman
University Construction Manager: Mike Herman
Contractor: James G Davis Construction Corporation
Designer: Cho Benn Holback