February 1, 2017

Interior Design and Furniture



Interior Design and Furniture Project Requests are defined as projects that require the consultation of an interior designer to either suggest or select interior finishes for a space such as paint and carpet or to request new furniture or re-configure existing furniture to create a more functional space or environment.



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For maintenance or service requests, please contact the Facilities Customer Service Center at (703) 993-2525 or email csc@gmu.edu.

Contact Info

Debbie Brady
Manager, Interior Design
Tel: (703) 993-2675
FAX: (703) 993-2524

Talia Scott
Interior Design
Tel: (703) 993-5324
FAX: (703) 993-2524
MSN: 1E4

Interior Design & Move Coordinator
Tel: (703) 993-2287
FAX: (703) 993-2524
MSN: 1E4