Project Management and Construction

The primary mission of the Facilities Project Management & Design is to provide facilities in support of the University’s Academic plan by developing and executing the University’s Capital Projects Program. As such, the department is responsible for the following.

Development of the University’s Six Year Capital Plan

  • In conjunction with the University Architect and the Director of Space Management, coordinates with end-users to identify requirements.
  • Preparation of project budgets and schedules to meet those requirements.
  • Preparation of project documentation for input into the Commonwealth’s budgeting process.

Providing overall project management for each project authorized for construction

  • Direction of all design efforts through contract administration of Architect/Engineer contracts.
  • Coordination with end-users to ensure project requirements are met.
  • Coordination with the Commonwealth’s Bureau of Capital Outlay Management (BCOM).
  • Project schedule and budget.
  • Support to the Construction Department during construction phase.

The Department is comprised of a diverse mix or design and construction professionals responsible for planning, design, and construction of projects across the entire facilities spectrum. These professional represent the University’s in directing all project efforts.

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