It is the responsibility of each driver to comply with all applicable Motor Vehicle Laws.  Drivers of State/University owned vehicles should practice defensive driving by observing the actions of other drivers and controlling the vehicle in a manner so as to avoid accidents.

Prohibited Items and Actions

Under no circumstances may a driver operate a State/University owned vehicle while under the influence of intoxicating beverages, drugs, or other substances.  Smoking and the use of tobacco to include e-cigarettes vaporizer products are prohibited in any State/University owned vehicle.  The use of cell phones, blackberries, smart phones and other handheld electrical devices may not be used while operating a State/University owned vehicle.  Drivers and passengers are not permitted to eat, drink or smoke while in a State/University owned vehicle.

Violations, Citations and Fines

All violations and fines, including parking citations, are the responsibility of the driver and must be paid* by the “due date”.  Failure to pay fines associated with citations and violations may result in the suspension of the use of Motor Pool services.

*State/University funds may not be used to pay fines associated with violations and citations.

Visual Inspection of Vehicles

When “checking out” a Motor Pool Vehicle, you will be asked to perform a visual inspection of the rental vehicle and complete a “Scratch & Dent” form, noting any scratches, dents, or damages.  You will also be asked to verify that a safety kit and fire extinguisher are in the vehicle.  Should the vehicle be returned with damages* or in need of cleaning services to return it to its pre-rented state, additional fees will apply.

*The repair of damages to vehicles which are NOT incurred in an accident will be charged to the responsible department separately.