It is the responsibility of each driver to comply with all State/University policies and
procedures for travel.  ALL travel requires advance authorization.

Trip Expenditure Approval

“Trip” approval for Motor Pool vehicle rental can be obtained from any person within
your organization with signature authority for the budget code given or an authorized
designee.  Organizations using Motor Pool services for the first time will need to obtain
the signature of the Department Chair or Director on the Vehicle Request Form to set
up an account with Motor Pool.
Office Risk Management Approvals

Vehicle requests for trips that have a round trip mileage of 300 miles or more require
written approval (an email from a representative of ORM is sufficient) from the
Office of Risk Management (ORM

pdf file Vehicle Policy 1411 

Operation of 11/12 Passenger Vans

In order to be authorized to operate an 11 or 12 passenger van,
every driver must successfully complete the Van Driver Familiarization Class
offered by campus Police.