Infrastructure & Records

Infrastructure & Records

Facilities Archives


The Facilities Archives serves as the repository for select construction and maintenance records of George Mason University.  These records are primarily collected following the completion of construction and renovations projects and are arranged and preserved for the remainder of their records life-cycle at GMU. In addition, we serve as a critical resource for GMU’s geospatial data and maps. The Facilities Archives principally acts as a reference for the GMU’s Facilities Department.

Our Collections

The Facilities Archives holds architectural and engineering drawings, specifications, studies, maintenance manuals, shop drawing, construction submittals, and other related construction and maintenance project documentation regarding GMU buildings and property.

Requesting or Transferring Records

Records Requests: Request should include:

  • What records are needed
  • Why these records are needed
  • How soon do they need to be delivered and in what format
  • Generally requests are responded to in 24 hour period
  • Use the Information Request Form to place a request for records or contact:

          Matt Logie, Plans and Records Manager
Phone: 703-993-5812
          Location: Facilities Archives Building

Requesting GIS Data or Maps

Use the Information Request Form  to place a request for GIS maps or contact:

        Brett Spencer, GIS Technician
Phone: 703-993-3597
        Location: Facilities Archives Building

Transferring Records

  • Facilities Archives only collects “record” documents and other select construction project documentation
  • Notify the Plans and Records Manager (contact information above) prior to transferring any records
  • Complete a Transmittal Form inventorying all records for transfer (digital and hardcopy)
  • Box and prepare hardcopy records for pick-up.

Building Name Index  is an index of building numbers, names, alternative names, former names and original construction project names.

Please contact the Plans and Records Manager (Matt Logie) for details on any files, forms, standards, or procedures:
703-993-5812 or email: