Facilities Management Services

The George Mason University Facilities Management is a service organization
responsible for the maintenance, repair, and renovation of all University buildings and
infrastructure.  All services requested of the Facilities Management are controlled and
coordinated through the Facilities Services.

Request for services, other than emergencies, should be submitted on a Work Request.
Please contact the Facilities Services at (703) 993-2525 for additional information
or assistance.

The following services are provided by the Facilities Management:

Chargebacks Nameplates and Signs
Elevators Pest Control
Housekeeping Recycling and Waste Management
Moves Locksmith


To place a work request, contact the Facilities Services  (703) 993 – 2525.


Charges for work
The Customer Service Center is responsible for Chargebacks. According to George
Mason University policy, all maintenance, services and new work for non-E&G buildings
and organizations are charged back to the customers. Please see the Chargeback Guide
for specific information on the Facilities Management chargeback system.

Invoices and receipts
Invoices showing Work Order number, total labor cost and total material cost is transmitted
to the work requestor and to Department representatives when work is closed out.
When requests for work are processed, work receipts are transmitted electronically back
to the requestor, point of contact, or others requiring copies of the request. The receipt shows
Work Order number, description of work, and within what time frame a person
from the Facilities Management will be contacting them.

How charge back amounts are calculated
Charge backs are the total of the labor and material costs of each work order. The labor costs
are derived from the specific shop rate. Each shop has a shop rate calculated from the
average salary and benefits.

Please contact the Facilities Services at (703) 993-2525 for information or assistance.


The Housekeeping Department cleans the academic and administrative spaces on
all three campuses. This includes classrooms, teaching labs, offices, lobbies, rest rooms,
hallways, stairs, conference rooms, physical fitness areas, and locker rooms.
Housekeeping Services include, but are not limited to sweeping, mopping, vacuuming,
disinfecting, stocking the rest rooms, cleaning blackboards, and trash removal.
The Housekeeping Staff are the administrators for the contracted cleaning
and window washing on campus. The Residence Halls, Dining facilities and
Student Unions have their own housekeeping staff.

To speak with a Housekeeping Representative, call (703) 993-2537.


The Facilities Management Locksmith provides lock installation, lock repair, lock changes,
master key and code key cutting, and emergency lockout services (file cabinets, safes, desks, offices).
The Locksmith also initiates and monitors the access control system for campus buildings.


Moving services within University-owned or leased facilities are provided by the
General Services Department on a limited scale. A Facilities Work Request should be
submitted at least one week in advance of the proposed move date. The requesting department
is responsible for the preparation and packing the contents of all office furniture fixtures
and equipment prior to move appointment. This includes the preparation and packing
of computers and automated systems.

To speak with a Facilities Services for small moves, call (703) 993-2525.
To speak with a General Services Representative, call (703) 993-2594.

Nameplates and Signs

Nameplates and signs for interior identification of offices, laboratories, desks, and other areas
in buildings are provided as a reimbursable service. Temporary signs are not normally provided by
the Facilities Management, and will not be affixed to walls or doors.

Pest Control

The Housekeeping Department also manages the pest control contract for George Mason University.
The pest control services include insect and termite problems, mice and rat control, and animal
removal (birds, bats, skunks, cats, etc.) in buildings and around the campus grounds.

To speak with a Housekeeping Representative, call (703) 993-2537.

Recycling and Waste Management

Recycling services are provided on a scheduled basis according to the Recycling and Waste Management Schedule.

To get new or replacement containers, call the Recycling Center at (703) 993-3671.
Refuse collection and disposal services are provided by the Facilities Management
on a daily basis through contract services. Special refuse pickups can be obtained
as a reimbursable service by submitting a Work Request.