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I would like to nominate Sandy Houston Ebron for August employee of the month

Sandy is and always has been a great worker, she and Tae have been working on the classroom upgrades in Founders hall. She has been right with our electrician all the way. You can always count on Sandy to be right where the action is. She and Tae finished the first part of the renovation ahead of schedule. Some of the work was not familiar and adjustments were needed to be made on the fly in some of the spaces and the prints were updated. Sandy is the type of people we need on our team, taking nothing away from the staff. Always shows up ready for work and to take it all on. Most of the time I have to make her take some time off. Sandy can work with anybody. We are a tight nit group and all are team players. There is no job she won’t take on.

Michael Ruais
Facilities Manager, Arlington Campus
Phone 703-993-8206