Human Resources

Otis (Kelly) Foster

Facilities Management


To:                               Reward and Recognition Office

From:                          Steve Vollmer, Assistant Director of Operations

Date:                           March 26, 2016

Subject:                       Employee of the Month Nomination – Otis (Kelly) Foster


On April 4, 2017, the main electrical transformer for the Southside Dining Hall was struck by a vehicle and electrical service was lost to the building.  The only available power to the building was via the emergency generator.

Otis (Kelly) Foster, electrical shop supervisor, was out of town at the time for the funeral of a family member.  Without regard to his personal need at the time, Mr. Foster jumped into action from his remote location and contacted critical members of Dominion Virginia Power and negotiated them making this need a priority the Northern Virginia area as soon as he learned of this situation.

A replacement transformer was sourced, loaded on a truck and brought to our campus.  The damaged transformer was removed and the replacement transformer was rigged into place to allow the re-connection of the electrical feed lines to the building.  Mr. Foster was in constant communication throughout this process with Virginia Power and Facilities management while dealing with grieving family members simultaneously.

I highly recommend him for Facilities Employee of the Month award for his dedication to the needs of the GMU community.





I would like to recommend Otis Foster for the employee of the month award given by George Mason University. Over the past five years I have observed Mr. Foster on numerous occasions going above and beyond his normal duties as Supervisor of the Electrical Shop. Mr. Foster’s exemplary achievements are to include: staying after hours to complete assignments, being on call during the weekends for emergencies, willingness to return to work after hours for problems that arise (shut downs, outages, events and inclement weather).  Mr. Foster has definitely earned this award given the circumstances he was under during the Southside building Transformer replacement/outage. Mr. Foster is a valued asset for George Mason University and I look forward to great years to come working under his leadership.



Christopher Thorpe