Environmental Graphic Design

Environmental Graphic Design Services are defined as projects within Mason’s public spaces which include Signage and Graphics, Donor Recognition Programs, Exhibit Displays, coordination and planning of Public Art (in consultation with the University Curator), seasonal or event pageantry and other non-signage elements which will enhance the built environment and create a stronger sense of place and support the Mason brand.

For non-public spaces (spaces within Departments/Programs and Colleges), consultation of an Environmental Graphic Designer can be requested to coordinate EGD Services with finishes, architecture and furniture to enhance the physical environment within those spaces.

To submit a request for Signage and Graphics, please complete the Facilities Project Request Form.

Signs & Graphic Design Contact List

John Forgy
Environmental Graphic Designer
Tel: (703) 993-2628
FAX: (703) 993-2524

Courtney Fronce
Senior Graphic Designer
Tel: (703) 993-4869
FAx: (703) 993-2524